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Paul of Scotland, also known as Paul Fraser, was born in 1971 in Portugal, raised in France, lived 3 years in Amsterdam, and has since rekindled with his ancestry settling in Scotland since 2008. Though Paul’s studies have taken him to the Ecole du Louvre he is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since he was able to hold a pencil. Paul’s ability has been following his personal evolution especially as a gay Leatherman visualizing and living his attraction to what makes a man more masculine in uniforms and leather. As a teenager, he started to copy and recreate Ancient Egyptian frescos, while entering in adulthood Paul’s libido was actually more interested in leathermen and through self-training he took inspiration from his all-time idol Tom of Finland’s style. 
Recently, Paul has been showing his work in Nice, Manchester, Edinburgh, Berlin, and virtually on the Tom of Finland Foundation site and at CLAW Fair and published in Drummer Magazine. Paul has been helping through his work to raise funds for diverse Gay and leather Clubs and HIV charities. He is well known for always carrying his drawing materials with him and loves nothing more than occupying a table, draw in Gay pubs and cafes, and occasionally talking to other fellow artists or bystanders where he gains a lot of inspiration. Maybe he will ask you if you fancy modelling for a couple of drawings next time?. The artist works from photographs to maximize the likeness in his images and he loves to pay tribute to the pillars of the fetish community as lately, the artist has been developing drawings in black paper giving a focus on the light.